Violence against gay students

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In schools where policies discriminate against LGBT youth, they may be placed in situations where bullying by peers is likely to occur and may feel administrators are unlikely to help them. The office of student behavior gave her a minor disciplinary offense. Under these policies, the attire is gender-specific and the two options, male or female, are typically imposed upon students according to the sex they were assigned at birth. It is also associated with increased odds of negative health outcomes and risky behaviorssuch as lower self-esteem, higher levels of depression, and increased alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, marijuana use, and use of other illicit drugs. The effects of this bullying were devastating to the youth who were targeted.

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In addition to clothing, many secondary schools have strict hair-length restrictions for their students, particularly for boys.

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LGBT Youth Experiences Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying in School

Retrieved 9 April Federal statutes currently protect schoolchildren by prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex, national origin, race, and religion, but do not explicitly protect students from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. However, certain other aspects deserve greater attention in so much as they are central to understanding and eradicating this problem, one of which is symbolic violence Bourdieu, This practice seeks to strengthen conformity in those at the receiving end in relation to group expectations and exposes and sanctions behaviors that do not live up to these expectations. Though teachers, administrators, and textbook publishers are often hesitant to talk about sexual orientation, our schools are hardly silent.

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In addition to bullying and harassment, LGBT students encounter various forms of discrimination that make educational environments hostile or unwelcoming. Unfortunately, positive information and resources regarding sexual orientation and gender identity are exceedingly rare in secondary schools in the Philippines. Some students noted verbal harassment that was predicated on the idea that their sexual orientation or gender identity was a choice. This practice maintains forms of interaction that draw attention to, repudiate or belittle certain attitudes or behaviors adopted by those on the receiving end, without openly acknowledging that they are offensive. Students confirmed that discussions of LGBT people in classes where LGBT issues might arise—for example, history, literature, biology, or psychology—are exceedingly rare. Now she must bury him". The sample also met the following heterogeneity criteria:

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