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Deep down, I felt sorry for these guys and hated being a part of this. The other victim, Roger James, was brought into police headquarters on crutches. Once there, the street kids bashed and robbed them. Some 23 years after Rex Robinson found Jim Blaxland brutally bashed beside his red Mercedes in Veale Gardens, I knock on his door and explain my purpose. Negre, 37, was the type of bloke who could walk into a pub not knowing anybody and walk out with a dozen new best friends.

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And so I decided to focus on the city of churches and bodies in barrels — a socially progressive city with a reputation for twisted darkness — where even while they were leading the way in gay law reform, men were being viciously bashed behind the bushes.

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Bringing Gay Pride to Africa's last absolute monarchy

The story had its origins a few years earlier when Peter Lewis, the independent Speaker of the South Australian parliament, and a small team of committed campaigners fought to change the statute of limitations on child sex-abuse cases. Verco claimed at first not to remember any of this the next morning. Frustrated by the deadlock, Utting wrote a letter to the inquiry head, Ted Mullighan, outlining the allegations that had been made about the prominent citizens. The inquest failed to reach a conclusion as to who killed Duncan, though the three officers were pushed out of the force. A segment of his skull floated loose in his cranium. But there was only so much they could take. He denied that they went there to bash gay men.

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This time the charge was murder and he got a minimum of 22 years. They were there to find out about these allegations. The risks might be huge, but so is the allure. The coppers will be here shortly. Mullighan made no mention of any specific high-profile paedophiles in his report, just that:

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