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Same-sex marriage in Mexico City and 12 states recognized nationwide. InPeter Martyr d'Anghiera published his De orbe novo decadeswith the information that he was able to get about the first explorers thanks to his friendship with Isabella I of Castile. For example, they cite Spanish chronicles that speak of widespread sodomy that included children of up to 6 years or of children dressed like women to practice prostitution. This Day In History. Archived from the original on 18 December Archived from the original on

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41 Has a Secret Meaning in Mexico, Thanks to a Queer Underground Ball

The man who penetrates another man remains masculine. Isthmus Zapotecs have been dominated by Roman Catholic ideology for more than four centuries. Archived from the original on 2 November All those involved came from the lower classes: It did not legalize adoption and mandated that civil unions be performed with a civil law notary. A five-city participatory community assessment by Colectivo Sol a non-governmental organization found that some HIV hospital patients had a sign over their beds stating they were HIV-positive.

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The situation is changing in the 21st century, in part thanks to the discovery of the LGBT community as potential consumers, the so-called pink pesoand tourists. Retrieved 2 March The regulations were published in the country's regulatory diary in October and took effect on Christmas Day, 25 December Archived from the original on 9 January The] indigenous people knew that sodomy gravely offended God. El Universal in Spanish. D'Anghiera continues his story saying that the indigenous people's "natural hate for unnatural sin" drove them so that, "spontaneously and violently, they searched for all the rest that they would know who were infected".

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