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But Jackie is wonderful even when he undermines his stuntmen compatriots when they try to stand up to the overly dangerous I love Jackie, he was my favourite person as a child. He also did some amazing work for and with a lot of charities. But this book provides a deeper portrait of the man, and I suspect that he has a lot more darkness in him than he lets on in public. At the China Drama Academy Chan was forced to learn martial arts and got up at 5am every day after just six hours sleep. Ever since I was a little boy I'd been looked down on by rich kids. He tells many stories even that ones that don't paint him as a perfect human being and show what he learned from each one of these experiences. In March this year, Elaine was arrested after Etta accused her of criminal intimidation.

jackie chan quotes on gay marriage
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Charlie could gain the audience's sympathy through facial expressions but Harold did it by scaling a high-rise then falling off a clocktower so he didn't have to act scared, he marched Charlie's talent by being genuinely terrified.

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A very enjoyable read. No trivia or quizzes yet. The couple in July Through this book, I could realize that behind his smiley face, there was a person that put hard work in every stunt role and made mistakes like normal people do which he learned from.

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Thinking back now he calls his behavior 'wicked'.

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