Gay marriage and the prezidential candidates

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Chris Christie joined other Republicans, including Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, in stating that regardless of personal viewpoints, the courts have decisions made across states on same-sex marriage and these decisions must be adhered too until further changes to rulings come down from the Supreme Court. Answers On Innovation Thomson Reuters. In a interview with W Radio he suggested that fighting poverty and graft were more important priorities for progressives: Mike Huckabee, religion is very much in play when he talks about same-sex marriage laws, and unlike other politicians, his views seem less likely to change with the times. Same-sex marriage emerged as a potent vote swinger in the 3.

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Public debt is 65 percent of GDP, creating concerns among officials that much-vaunted economic stability could be threatened.

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What Do 2016 Candidates Think About Same-Sex Marriage?

Four years later, she once again professed her belief that marriage was between a man and a woman, but she also critiqued the Federal Marriage Amendment, which would have made a constitutional amendment preventing marriages between any but heterosexual couples. Inshe marched in a gay pride parade, and in she addressed gay rights in a Geneva speech. The outgoing government -- like the three before it -- was unable to push through tax reforms to counter the growing deficit. Same-sex marriage is allowed in some Mexican states, though any couple can marry in any state so long as they first obtain a court injunction. Argentina, BrazilColombia and Uruguay all already accept such unions, and other nations appear poised to follow suit. Conservative Juan Diego Castro also hopes to land on the April run-off ballot. Costa Rica's outgoing government has indicated its willingness to follow the court's exhortation, but has butted up against refusal from the notaries' association that conducts marriages, and church groups.

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Voting was also to select a new legislative assembly. Fabricio Alvarado of the right-wing National Restoration Party received 25 percent of the vote, according to a tally of more than two-thirds of the ballots published by the country's Supreme Electoral Tribunal. My answer is No. When we talk about presidential candidates, their stance on a variety of issues becomes key for many voters. Same-sex marriage emerged as a potent vote swinger in the 3. Politicians of all stripes have sought support from Catholic priests, evangelical pastors and social conservatives.

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