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Other findings — combined with our own — show that there seems to be an extremely strong psychological underpinning for why women are so drawn to gay men. But again, when I talk with the spouses of gay men and women, usually there are personal issues on their side as well. The gay spouse does marry voluntarily, usually a person of the opposite sex with whom they are already good friends and often sexually attracted to, with whom they are having satisfying and gratifying sex. People who associate with lesbian, gay, and bisexual people may be called fruit flies regardless of their sex. Sadly, many couples who stay together end up living in a closet together to avoid the judgment coming from others. The straight spouse is usually satisfied with the way things were before they learned about having an overtly gay spouse; thus getting back the person they married.

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Other researchers have suggested that gay men value the positive attitudes towards homosexuality that women tend to have relative to straight men.

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Women Warm Up Faster to Gay Men Than Straight Guys, Study Suggests

But the gay spouse starts to realise that they can't retreat back into the closet. Furthermore, marketing researchers have suggested that straight women prefer to work with gay male sales associates over others in consumer retail settings. This isn't fair to them. For example, in a study I conducted inI found that gay men also look to women for trustworthy dating advice or tips for finding a prospective boyfriend. We predicted that this would most often occur in highly competitive dating environments, where a trustworthy source like a gay friend would be valued by women jockeying with one another for a boyfriend. However, the strong trust that women initially form with gay men can serve as a primer; eventually, this trust could extend to other areas, with the friendship blossoming over time.

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Russell, a research associate at the University of Texas at Arlington. In other words, when it came to dating-related matters, there was an almost instantaneous level of implicit trust. You might also like Yin and yang or two peas in a pod? A safe bet At first glance, this explanation may seem quite counterintuitive. Both spouses want to stay in the marriage for good reasons and really love each other. They judge the gay spouses for why they married in the first place.

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