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Teen Vogue. As a result of these formal and informal restrictions, LGBT students were unable to access information that would be relevant to them as part of their sexuality education, including risks associated with same-sex activity or routes of transmission other than penile-vaginal intercourse. Rebecca C. Maureen Gray, coordinator of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Rainbow Alliance, recalled a conversation with a HIV-positive young man in his early twenties: As a result, the students who are in most need of the supportive environment provided by a GSA are often effectively barred from attending or participating.

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Girls' Violence: Some students took offense at this type of approach to LGBT issues, noting that it placed their identities, relationships, and morality up for debate and exposed them to scrutiny in ways their peers did not experience. Schools typically encourage students to report when they are bullied or harassed by students or adults. Students isolated and excluded LGBT peers in ways that were apparent to those students but not so obviously egregious that teachers or administrators would take any one incident seriously.

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Although discussions of same-sex activity were restricted at the state level and by individual schools and instructors, transgender issues were also virtually absent from classroom discussions, despite the unique health concerns that transgender youth face.

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