Transsexual fat relocation

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While there is no single type of body composition that describes the "ideal" female physique—which is highly subjective—the concept of the ideal female body shape can still be helpful as a reference when considering the goals and benefits of Body Feminization Surgery. In this feminization procedure, Dr. He harvests fat cells using liposuction, cleans the fat, then injects the fat beneath your facial skin or in your lips to improve shape and volume. Hip augmentation by fat transfer. If you live in Manchester, Nashua or another community in southern New Hampshire and would like to learn more about how fat grafting can help you achieve your ideal appearance, please call the Office of Robert S.

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Fat Grafting

Reshaping facial contours Plumping thin lips Augmenting buttock shape and size Plumping hollow, descended cheeks Softening fine lines and wrinkles. This because this type of surgery implies some immobilisation obliged after the surgery. Stay tuned, and keep reading for more information about hip augmentation surgery through fat grafting. This is often handy for transwomen who come to 2pass Clinic from abroad. Some transgender women are interested in fulfilling part of their physical transition with surgical procedures, such as fat grafting. The procedure involves a series of small injections to achieve your desired look. To learn more, please call our Bay Area feminization office at

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Benefits of Transgender Fat Transfer With transgender fat injections, you can achieve the body you have always wanted. But we would like to warn you: The operation is carried out by Dr Doornaert under local or general anaesthetic. Uses only natural materials Results look natural May slim an unsightly bulge with which you are unhappy The only way to know if it can benefit you is to discuss your transgender surgery goals and expectations with an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. After surgery, patients are fitted with a compression garment. If you are interested in finding out more about your options, please contact us today for a personal consultation.

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