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Gay male pornography, as an expression of gay male sexuality, identity and desire requires a set of assumptions and questions different than those used in interrogating heterosexual pornography. Relations of Exhibition. Gay men were struck from the beginning by how much the new discourse of women's pleasure echoed but went further than the discourse of early gay liberation in the era when gay groups used to call themselves the Gay Liberation Front instead of the National Task Forceprofiting directly from two decades of feminist debate. Women, Violence and Civil Liberties. Same for loops and short films. Relations of Representation: The court held that gay and lesbian pornography does constitute sex discrimination.

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This is true and it hurts.

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Personalised recommendations. But some feminists, straight and lesbian alike, have tended to regard them as areas where we are struggling merely to exercise our full patriarchal privileges as men a view that has sometimes been partly justified. Beacon Press.

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A Review of Contemporary Media,

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