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And you lose out on those beautiful relationships and take cold comfort in your convenient faith. Placed their by the "loving" God. My dad is 72 gets up at 4 am to go to work 5 days a week My bro amd his kid sleep still noon or 1then play video games They done pay rent or look after the cat or rats they brought to this house But when called on it we are called homophobic How can someone who shows so much love and careing and support reguardless of their beliefs be constantly thought of as wrong and homophobic. No matter what sin acted or not if god judged people by sin no hopr would be there. They reported that having a gay or lesbian parent allowed them to think out of the box and made them want to break down social stigma.

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God is a loving God.

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Adult Children of Gay and Lesbian Parents: Religion and the Parent-Child Relationship

We are made in God's image period and there is no room for homosexuality if Jesus is truly in your heart. Good things are not easy to come by. The night before I left for college she took me for a drive and told me. The word also tells us that the devil is prince of this earth so naturally when we stand for Gods truth we are persecuted or labeled as bigots or being judgmental. How would you like to see this play out?

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However at the time I wasn't aware of what homosexuality was and I brushed it off. Later, Amy went on to describe how she is involved with an organization that fights against religious oppression of the GLBT individuals. My mom handled it very badly and continues to handle it very badly IF homosexuality is a sin, then you better take a look at your own sin before you go pointing out others! Procedures The interview protocol was developed by the first and second authors based on an extensive literature review and it was focused to answer the following research question: La MiradaCA

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