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As well as using the Gleason score system to grade prostate cancer, your doctor can tell you about the stage of the cancer. Choose which channels you want to receive uncheck all to unsubscribe Gossip. It has reasons in the sense that usually traits that were useful were favored. He put up no fight at all. R30 I hope you are okay and things will be alright.

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The important thing is to get information so you understand the diagnosis. The standard TNM system is used to determine the stage of the cancer — that is, how far it has spread from the prostate. I know this is all just humor and from the show… but I want to assure all the men here— a prostate exam if all goes well takes about 3 seconds. You'll enjoy it immensely, but you are expected to make the compulsory pained face expression with a slight stiffening of the legs and arching of the back.

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