Gay rights bill

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The first gay men and lesbian women have been tying the knot. Change it here DW. It was the first time they had controlled all three since That was the message Republicans brought to a rowdy congressional hearing on Tuesday, when conservative lawmakers and think tanks denounced the nondiscrimination bill with increasingly uniform charges of sexism. Agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have also taken the position that such treatment is illegal under bans on sex discrimination. Though the bill is sweeping — covering areas that range from credit to housing to employment — much of the debate at the hearing centered on athletics.

gay rights bill
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The White House was alight in the colors of the rainbow flag on June 26,

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We took a big step towards true equality, and made Taiwan a better country. Tens of thousands of people braved pouring rain Friday to demonstrate in favor of same-sex marriage outside the parliament, as lawmakers began voting on three draft bills, one tabled by the island's Cabinet -- which would ultimately prove successful -- and two watered-down rival bills tabled by conservative groups. COM in 30 languages. A grand bargain has critics before a bill is even filed.

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