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The OP is the reason why sham marriages still work in Hollywood. George turned his head to glare at him as he reached for the hem of Eric's shirt. I thought George was gay?? Back ingay rumors about George Eads and Eric Szmanda were floating everywhere. In Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages. Eric moved his hand from George's thigh to pat the dog as Dax's tail thudded against the floor. Played Brent in "Oh Baby" in

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Jorja's a fucking lucky woman.

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By George he's got it

But he still can't run, so Szmanda has taken over chasing the bad guys on screen lately. The last clue "they'be doing more than oversleeping in bed! Was Eric the best man? Eric jumped when the doorbell rang, Dax leaping up and running toward the main entrance. I think you will find that George had a crush on Eric not the other way round, and what is wrong with being gay it is what you are confident in being and who you are not what you are. We just remember how you were going on all week about having a night home. Crime Scene Investigation - Hard Evidence" in

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So a week went by of excruciating pain. That person is also out and gay. Eric smirked, expression on his face easily reading as 'you think? Why Jorja Fox and his girlfriend Lelah didn't go to George's wedding? I had a futon pad in the floor in Los Feliz. Then Brooke and Brett rang, so I only just managed to sit down.

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