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Get daily local headlines and alerts. Help us improve Globalnews. Albert Delitala was there. The edition of Pride will also focus on Indigenous Pride, as the space for that will be bigger. Beirut Singapore Iran Nepal Taiwan. Take the survey now! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Edmonton Pride

Help us improve Globalnews. From July The Stonewall riots in were a turning point in the gay rights movement in the United States. CBC NewsJune 7, Edmonton JournalJune 9, Albert Delitala was there. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Edmonton Pride Festival Society.

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The festival was opened with the raising of the rainbow flag at CFB Edmonton on June 7, the first time in Canadian history that the flag was flown at a military base. The first Pride celebration in Edmonton was held inand became a weeklong festival in Take the survey now! Get daily local headlines and alerts. On June 9,a group of protesters from within the community temporarily stopped the parade demanding law enforcement and military members be dis-invited from the parade and future parades due to community experiences of fear and discomfort with the police. The event has its roots in the protest movement against a police raid on the Pisces Spa, a gay bathhouseon May 30, The event will also feature an alcohol-free space.