Colbert anti gay marriage ad

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ZettaSlow Follow Forum Posts: Whether they want exposure to reality or not, they're bound to find it even if they're seeking out peers in an ignorant outlook. Time to post a Roy Zimmerman song. JackiJinx Follow Forum Posts: HahahahaI guess that just adds to my hate of him. Its a mean old book that suggests you should do mean things to other people.

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I mean, I literally shit my pants laughing.

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The Colbert Coalition's Anti-Gay Marriage Ad (VIDEO)

He commented on Colbert's fake anti gay ad in his "reailty check" segment. It seems as if this anti-gay group does not comprehend parody and sarcasm. TeflonBilly Follow Forum Posts: Red Follow Forum Posts: I've got 2 questions about this "anti-gay" ad though.

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To just make a ad against a minority? Epic Follow Forum Posts: Bring back the main forum list. He doesn't even have to make comedic material for this: So the old people will die and gays will get married and kids will hopefully believe something because its right for them, not because they're born into it. They think it's wrong so they need to make everyone else think the same way. JudgeDread Follow Forum Posts:

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